It’s also cute to observe the starry-eyed gullibility of people who should really know better.

“Biden says the US will stop buying Russian oil!”

“And you believe him because. . . why, exactly? Because he’s been so honest about everything else?”

“But he said so!”

Ah, well, in that case.

Immediately, the Biden administration declared it will be buying oil from Venezuela. Venezuela destroyed its oil capacity years ago under the orders from Russia. “Buying from Venezuela” means buying from Russia through the backdoor.

But you go right along. Continue believing that the same politicians and the same media who lied to you for years about everything else are now all of a sudden completely honest and are sincerely helping Ukraine.

Because they say so. And it must be true if they do.

10 thoughts on “Gullibility

  1. OT: Another great Galeev thread:

    short version: Russian army has been hollowed out by the Russian way of doing things (corruption, stagnation) and Ukraine has been preparing. Also, Putin didn’t think he was going to end up in a war… he doesn’t understand anything about how they work. Also, even if Ukraine loses militarily it wins in terms of national myths – Ukraine as an idea is what Putin wanted to destroy and no matter what happens on the ground Ukraine as an idea will only grow stronger.

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  2. The US imports very little oil these days and most of it from Canada. The big problem is Germany depends on Russia for oil. I’m not sure what Biden can do about that.

    Buying from Venezuela would be good for Venezuela. I doubt if it would have much global impact. Venezuelan oil isn’t even that good. Fracking is probably better.


  3. The problem with commodities like oil is that it really doesn’t matter who is buying as long as someone is buying. The Russian oil the US doesn’t buy just gets sold somewhere else (China, India, etc.) and we buy oil from some other place that that other place would have bought. It may take a bit of time to redirect the shipping, but it’s never going to be a major blow to them.

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  4. Clarissa, the point you make that resonates with me is the uselessness of the media….and people are still believing these lies! People and journalists keep repeating stuff that is obviously completely untrue.

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