Unifying Cause

My most right-wing, mega MAGA acquaintance and my most left-wing, pro-antifa acquaintance said the exact same thing to me about Ukraine.

“How can the US sanction Russia or say anything against it when we bombed Iraq and Yugoslavia? This is hypocrisy!”

This is a boring Russian propaganda slogan but I’m glad that I no longer have to strategize to make sure these two people in my life (and they are both wonderful, wonderful people) never intersect. Now I can introduce them to each other and let them rehash these antique talking points together.

There’s no more need for “a national divorce.” The breach has been healed. Seriously, if you have friends on both extremes, bring up Ukraine. It’s magical! They start chanting in unison.

13 thoughts on “Unifying Cause

  1. Have you heard of Alexey Arestovych? I was shocked to read:

    И все-таки Арестович, украинский “вийсковой оглядач”, то есть “военный эксперт” – невероятно крут. Вот это интервью – вообще нечто феноменальное: он, просто как Ванга, пересказывает всё то, что уже случилось, но… в 2019 году. Просто по пунктам.


    The frightening thing is:


    АРЕСТОВИЧ. 2021-22 гг. Двадцатый – двадцать второй, вот так примерно. Следующий критический период – 24-26, а потом – 28-30. Может быть и три войны, кстати.

    Alexey Arestovych has his own YouTube channel here:


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  2. Found a good post:

    Про Северную и Южную Кореи

    In this long post, he quotes an excerpt from another post, which I put here:


    Зарисовка: с Кален!

    Одна крупная Американская Компания (с), имеющая офисы в Индии, Пакистане, Китае, на Украине, в Россиии и Белоруссии, внезапно встретилась с проблемой: клиенты отказываются оплачивать труд русских и белорусских программистов, находящихся на территории новой Империи, а украинские разработчики уже на 50% не выходят на связь, и вероятность увидеть их снова на рабочем месте – очень мала.
    В общем, жопа!

    Принято следующее решение: Украинцы вывозятся в Польские офисы и прочий недорогой Евросоюз.
    Русские и Белорусы – добровольно-принудительно переезжают в Сербию. Пока официально не объявлено, но те кто не уедет – скорее всего будут выпизжены на холодок, налегке и с хорошими рекомендациями.

    Одна из причин разделения по странам такова: уже экспериментально выяснено, что украинские беженцы опиздюливают и русских и белорусов, не особо вникая в степень их ватности.

    Вот вам и первый Результат Вставания С Колен: американский управляющий сортирует славянских унтерменшей по различным загородкам, причем не насильно, вы что – а в виде одолжения – и, в общем-то, для их же блага.


      1. I disagree with his saying denying the Mig-29s to Ukraine is a bad idea. Not doing a No-Fly Zone, sure, that is understandable given the massive military requirements to it, but Russia is not going to try and start a major war because of some old Migs being given to Ukraine. If anything, it IMO makes further aggression more likely because it shows fear. It also drives me absolutely nuts that the United States would TELL the Ukrainians what they “need” or “don’t need” to fight the Russians. These are the same generals who thought Russia would run right over the Ukrainian military. Then the Ukrainian military holds them off and says, “We could use some more fighter planes,” and we say, “Nope, we’ve concluded those won’t do you much good.” IMO, if the Ukrainians say the Migs would help, they’ll probably help.

        I also somewhat disagree with him that it hurts populist movements. The populist movements aren’t about admiration for authoritarians, they are about being fed up with the soft authoritarianism of the elites in charge (IMO).

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        1. I agree completely both on the Migs and on populism. I’m pro-populist nationalism because we’ve seen what post-national globalization is capable of, and it’s not pretty.


  3. Absolutely stunning mega thread by Kamil Galeev

    If even half of what’s here is true…. I’m just kind of stunned at the scope of it all…


    why the army is so bad (it’s run by mafia types who steal everything)

    why the military is treated as it is (the government is afraid of it and keeps it weak and disorganized through negative selection)

    the position of state security (actually running things)

    why the war started (security types larping as military types not knowing what they’re doing and believing their own hype)

    what the current situation is (begins with f- and ends with -ucked (even Putin and Lavror eminate fear now)

    rats deserting the sinking ship (anyone towards the top who can get out is doing so)

    public support (still a majority and strongest among the older and/or dumber parts of the population who have no idea what’s about to hit them economically)

    why the Z? (improvized symbol used so as to not taint the Russian flag or other national symbols with this disaster)

    Probably the absolute end of the russification of Ukraine

    is it the end of Russia? (as any kind of power for the time being… probably yes)


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    1. For years, the Russian army has done a brisk business renting out 18yo conscripts to bordellos frequented by generals and rich government officials. I’m glad this is becoming more widely known.


      1. “renting out 18yo conscripts to bordellos frequented by generals and rich government officials”

        We are all against invasion of Ukraine, but I find it hard to believe this.

        Those generals and officials cannot be all gay. There are not enough gays in the population to do “a brisk business” by such. One-two-50 general and officials are not sufficient to earn money by such business.

        Some Western communities fighting for gay rights say around 10 of population is gay, but it’s more 1-2% at the most.

        Were we talking about an army like IDF in which women serve too, then I could believe this.


        1. “generals and officials cannot be all gay”

          Generals sodomizing 18 year old conscripts is not about gay sex as traditionally understood… it’s about expressing dominance and inflicting pain and humiliation…

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