Brave Journalist

I don’t know if that Russian journalist who held an anti-war poster on the Russian news is a fake. She’s a terrible person. They are all terrible people. I read her pre-recorded statement, and it’s deeply offensive. “We are brotherly nations, the war is a result of a single crazy person.” Russians have used the expression “brotherly nations” as an excuse to invade. Time and again. Sincere or not, she’s promoting the narrative that’s at the root of the problem. For 9 years she collaborated in the war-mongering at the top propagandistic channel. If she sincerely came to believe the war-mongering garbage, that’s on her. Becoming upset years into the war and only after your credit cards and international vacations get cancelled is not that heroic.

They’ve learned nothing. Nothing. Thousands of corpses, and it’s still all big bad Putin who caused this. I went to school in the USSR. We were taught that Russia was our big brother. I felt inferior as a kid because we had no Russians in the family. This word “brotherly” has been wielded against us, time and again, until it turned to real weaponry.

2 thoughts on “Brave Journalist

  1. “brotherly nations”

    I’m reminded of the otherwise insightful Vlad Vexler (born in the late USSR now in London) trying to be sympathetic and saying for Russians watching Russia attack Kiev would be like Boris Johnson bombing Manchester…. He rejected my suggestion that England trying to reassert control over Ireland by bombing Dublin as a closer (imperfect but better) analogy…

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