Great to Be a Child

It’s so great to be a small child. I took Klara to the dentist today, and she had a blast the whole time. Laughing, giggling, chirping, telling stories, asking if she could come again tomorrow “because this is SO MUCH FUN.” The childish capacity to enjoy the most mundane and even not so pleasant things is amazing.

At my age, I have to make a lot of effort to experience this kind of pure joy, and she just feels it naturally.

“Klara, put on shoes.”

“Shoes! I love shoes! Shoes are amazing! Do you want to hear a story about my best friends called Shoes?”

“Here’s your backpack.”

“I love my backpack! It’s a true friend! It’s the best backpack ever!”

And so on.

4 thoughts on “Great to Be a Child

  1. Lately I’ve been channeling you at work. Our mask mandate doesn’t end until tomorrow, but I stopped wearing my mask a week ago because why not? Nobody said anything. I am by nature slightly more timid about “breaking the rules” than you are but I’ve come a long way in the past year.

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    1. That’s great!

      I have found that people are very reluctant to challenge one directly. At most, I’ve gotten exasperated sighs and amnoyed looks.


      1. I know last year when we had a two month reprieve from the mask mandate, one customer called in a complaint about me, but not a single person confronted me.

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  2. It is great to be a child. My daughter had the joys of the book fair at school last week and this week and she was so giddy with the posters she brought home to decorate her room. It made her so happy when she told me where to hang them and then stopped to admire her work with such awe and wonder.

    My son heard the garbage truck coming this morning and even though he isn’t very verbal his excitement is off the charts. We put on our sweaters and followed the truck down our entire street. I only convinced him to finally come inside by offering him grapes. 💜

    This is actually one of the things I love most about my husband, a lot of the simple pleasures and joys from childhood followed him into adulthood and he still gets giddy about his favorite food or a new pair of shoes, it can completely change his mood around.

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