My agenda right now is insane. I have three public appearances next week, and that’s before I leave for a conference on Thursday. After I come back, there are three more public appearances in the next two weeks. All but two of them have to do with Ukraine, even the conference talk. And the biggest public appearance I’m doing is supposed to be about the future of democracy worldwide, and what are the chances that the audience won’t want to make it about Ukraine?

Most appearances are in person but I’ll probably share a link to one of the online ones later.

The appearances are good for me because at least I feel like I’m doing something. Also, when I’m speaking, I’m not crying or freaking out, so that’s good.

One thought on “Appearances

  1. I hope to catch you online. Please do post a link. I would like to know how people there relate to you and the whole damned mess. Curious what questions they ask…


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