So I went to Arestovich’s website and purchased his seminars as a way of donating to the Ukrainian army. I didn’t want anything from the seminars themselves because I hate videos. And recorded Zoom lessons? I’ll be tortured with them in hell.

Still, out of curiosity, I decided to take a glance on the videos. They turned out to be so good that I watched for 5 hours straight (I can watch in one language while writing , grading, and emailing in another). As a result, I feel better than I have at any time since February 23.

Of course, now I feel guilty. The point was to donate money, not to make myself feel better. Maybe I should buy another seminar to learn how not to feel guilty.

One that I watched is about how stay focused and not let anybody distract you from what is important to you. Really good. I also started one on strategic planning.

3 thoughts on “Seminars

  1. I might have to look into these. If a fellow video hater likes these, maybe I will too.

    Did anyone here watch the Ohio Senate primary debate? Very entertaining stuff. I thought Josh Mandel and Mike Gibbons were going to get into a fistfight on stage.

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  2. If you feel like sharing, I could use some help in staying focused, I’m totally scatterbrained at the moment and actually have an important deadline coming up…


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