Back to COVID

I have two meetings that were cancelled today because the people I was supposed to meet are sick with COVID. It’s impossible to care about COVID at this point but what’s happening? I vaguely heard something about a flareup in China, I think, or am I inventing this?

Does anybody know anything?

Ukrainian Biolabs

There are many different kinds of labs in Ukraine. All sorts of science from back in the USSR. A large country, huge territory, a population larger than Canada. Why wouldn’t there be science? And absolutely, there is US funding involved. Like it is everywhere on the planet where there’s science research. If you don’t understand why the US funds science around the world, please go tell your mommy that you have had enough screen time for today. This is an adult conversation.

It’s absolutely extremely dangerous that these labs are now in a war zone. This – and not “racism” – is why everybody is freaking out that there’s a war in Europe. Europe has all sorts of things, like nuclear reactors and science – that make war particularly dangerous to everybody, not just the invaded country.

The problem isn’t the labs. The problem is the war. Before the war, nobody heard about these labs. They weren’t an interesting topic of conversation. If you are worried about the labs or the reactors being blown up and spreading some vile shit, donate to the Ukrainian army. It’s quite literally all that stands between us and this danger.