Ukrainian Biolabs

There are many different kinds of labs in Ukraine. All sorts of science from back in the USSR. A large country, huge territory, a population larger than Canada. Why wouldn’t there be science? And absolutely, there is US funding involved. Like it is everywhere on the planet where there’s science research. If you don’t understand why the US funds science around the world, please go tell your mommy that you have had enough screen time for today. This is an adult conversation.

It’s absolutely extremely dangerous that these labs are now in a war zone. This – and not “racism” – is why everybody is freaking out that there’s a war in Europe. Europe has all sorts of things, like nuclear reactors and science – that make war particularly dangerous to everybody, not just the invaded country.

The problem isn’t the labs. The problem is the war. Before the war, nobody heard about these labs. They weren’t an interesting topic of conversation. If you are worried about the labs or the reactors being blown up and spreading some vile shit, donate to the Ukrainian army. It’s quite literally all that stands between us and this danger.

10 thoughts on “Ukrainian Biolabs

  1. “The problem isn’t the labs”

    It’s worth mentioning that “oooo scary bio labs” is a standard Russian talking point during their invasions also used in Kazakhstan last year (and if memory serves in Georgia as well).

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    1. Yep. It’s really sad to see so many people in the US taking the bait but what are you going to do. Reality is scary and the psyche protects itself by inventing comforting fairy tales.


  2. Poor Russian schoolchildren (the photos say it all, no need to know Russian):

    Parents of second graders were required to write with their kids a letter to a soldier fighting in Ukraine:

    Битва за Хогвартс
    С момента начала «спецоперации» началась другая «спецоперация», цель которой — завоевать головы российских школьников


    1. The children are the only people in Russia for whom I feel bad. Not as bad as I feel for the Ukrainian children but still, I have great compassion for them. I also can’t stop thinking that they’ll grow up and happily run to kill the next generation of Ukrainians.


  3. I do not know if you are occasionally reading Russian propaganda and if you know of ColonelCassad in particular, but some days ago there was a gem there, along the lines of “for years we were pedaling those biolabs stories, all the while laughing about it ourselves, and now it turned out there was something to it?”. I even made a screenshot, in case he ever removed it….

    Any decent country has some chemical / bio-defense program, and within that program they have small amounts of various nasty shit. For comparison, in case someone would use it against them. Proves nothing. For instance, everybody, including Iran, have “Novichok” these days. Publishing papers about detecting it in peer-reviewed international journals, and all that jazz.

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    1. No, I don’t know this guy, so thanks for sharing.

      The sheer amount of chest-thumping and drama over these “biolabs” makes me wonder if the people who keep going on and on about them live deep in the Alaskan tundra and have been completely excluded from normal human life.


  4. OT: Galeev has a great thread explaining why Ukrainians are fighting so hard

    shorter version: they’ve seen what being ruled by Russia is like in Donbass and they don’t want that… with a vengeance, he also dismantles most of the usual misconceptions about what happened/is happening there.

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    1. This guy is incredible. I never heard of him before but his commentary has been amazing. My head bobs so much in agreement, I’m afraid it will fall off.


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