My conference talk made such an impression that I was immediately approached by an editor of an important journal in my field, urging me to submit it for publication to them as is. I have already promised this text to another journal but this editor is offering to publish it within two months. As I was pondering my options, another editor approached, asking if I’d let them publish this or any other text. The problem is that everything I write has already been pledged to journals and edited volumes for the next 2 years. But it’s great to be in such demand. It never happened to me before that people would want to publish my conference talks not in proceedings but in actual journals because talks are short and not nearly as finished as articles.

I’m now at the point where the only obstacle to publishing more is the speed with which I write. Another funny point is that out of the 3 co-panelists I had today, I’ve published something on the author two of them discussed.

Also, people now ask me to sign my books for them, which feels weird. Good but weird.


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