Biden’s Wall

Biden’s aid to Ukraine is Trump’s wall on the Southern border. A lot of talk and no actual heavy weaponry being sent. And no wall.

2 thoughts on “Biden’s Wall

  1. “Credibility” is such an ancient concept.
    Promises no longer need to be followed through on. Transparency is deemed “unnecessary” (I’m guessing as most people nowadays are little more than bloviating charlatans, scammers, and hustlers “out to get each other”)
    Just as with celebrities “Image is everything”. Substance is secondary, assuming you’re lucky enough to get any from anybody.

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    1. Exactly. And I’m seeing this working even on a basic, daily level.

      “I’m sorry, we haven’t received any money for travel.”
      “But the Dean said travel is a priority!”
      “Maybe but we’ve received zero dollars zero cents for travel.”
      “But the Dean said it’s a priority! Haven’t you heard the Dean say it?”
      “He said it but never gave us any actual money.”
      “I don’t get it! This makes no sense! Why did he say it’s a priority if it’s not true?”

      At this point, I usually give up because people inhabit an imaginary world and it creeps me out.


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