Great Lent Recipes: Lentils and Roast Veg

I saw this recipe on TV yesterday and made it straight off the airplane today. It’s supposed to be vegan.

I cooked the lentils with my ubiquitous Polish mushroom bouillon cube and a cinnamon stick. After the lentils cooked, I folded spinach into them.

The sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts are roasted and go on top. You are supposed to mix some white miso paste, olive oil and maple syrup and coat the vegetables before roasting. But these are easily substitutable ingredients. The miso paste is salty, so if you don’t have it, just salt up the veg, and you are fine. Maple syrup is the sweet element, so use molasses or a bit of honey.

The original recipe calls for walnut pieces to go on top but I feel it’s too much and kind of fussy. I added dill though because I’m crazy about dill.

Turned out surprisingly delicious. N didn’t believe in the recipe and kept trying to make pelmeni to fall back on if it came out blah. But I’m happy to say that pelmeni proved unnecessary. The recipe came out great.

2 thoughts on “Great Lent Recipes: Lentils and Roast Veg

    1. The one I have right now is Winiary. For an unidentifiable reason, the only good mushroom cubes are Polish. They turn the cheapest dish – plain pasta or plain rice – into something not boring and very eatable.

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