Ukrainian Atrocities

Look at the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian army in the Russian city of Vorkuta:

Oh, wait, scratch that. This is how Vorkuta looks normally, without any war.

8 thoughts on “Ukrainian Atrocities

  1. In Israel, there is warming up:

    At least 2 Israelis killed by terrorists in Hadera shooting spree
    Two gunmen open fire at people getting off a bus in north; assailants, Israeli nationals, neutralized by police; at least six wounded to varying degrees; suspected attack comes just days after Islamic State-affiliated terrorist killed four Israelis in south

    Is Islamic State ideology stoking a fresh wave of terror in Israel?
    Analysis: Two attacks perpetrated by Arab Israeli nationals affiliated with the murderous group in less than a week should serve as a rude awakening for Israel as Islamist terror rears its ugly head from an unexpected molehole


  2. “Vorkuta looks normally”

    I’ve read that one reason sanctions aren’t as effective as they might be is that the Russian political system is cut off from ideas like “the well-being and prosperity of the citizenry” to an extent that almost no outsider can believe…

    The Russian political system (now dominated by the FSO) is only concerned with keeping the flow of stolen assets running. Large numbers of Russians could starve to death and as long as the checks from Germany keep coming they don’t care.

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  3. If Russia does win the war the Ukrainian cities they rebuild still won’t fare much better afterwards than the condition they’re in now if that’s the Russian government’s concept of infrastructural maintenance and civil service.


    1. ” if that’s the Russian government’s concept of infrastructural maintenance and civil service”

      wrong assumption, there is no Russigan governmental concept of infrastructure maintenance or civil service… things are built by and for oligarchs and government kind of sort of works a little in some major cities and… that’s about it

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    2. We don’t have to wonder. Donetsk and Lugansk have been under Russian control for 8 years. Not only was nothing built, there has been no effort to maintain any of what was already there and survived the war.


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