I, my husband, sister, friends, etc all go to find solace, calmness and strength in the public appearances and social media of Ukrainians who are in the war zone right now. It’s kind of embarrassing. N was getting really depressed but then I caught him huddled in a corner, listening to a Zelensky speech. After that, he rallied.

I don’t even know how to describe it to people who don’t speak Ukrainian. Remember the COVID drama of spring-summer of 2020? Remember what the MSM were like? Now imagine the polar opposite of that.


3 thoughts on “Solace

    1. It is Kamil Galeev’s thread about Imperial Reboot of Russia and why Navalny won’t and cannot be a good tsar that will save Russia.

      Was horrified to read “domestic policy-wise it would be more accurate to say that Russia will turn into a huge Donbass.”

      And angry at Germans after reading

      “Paradoxically, destruction of Russian private sector as a result of sanctions can lead to Putin increasing his power within Russia (provided that he stays in power). If Russia can export resources, the government will have cash but normal people won’t. That’s very advantageous”

      It is bad of me, but I hope it bites Germans hard too, if they go the route of buying Russian energy despite the war in Ukraine, as German Chancellor promised.

      Very interesting analysis of Russian imperialism using old interview of Putin’s old boss Sobchak then St Petersburg mayor and Navalny’s argumentation in his investigation on Tatarstan.


  1. Have you read

    Серия: История Российского государства
    Автор: Борис Акунин


    I listened to his interview against the current situation, liked what I saw and started reading the last book in the series “После тяжелой продолжительной болезни. Время Николая II” . It is well written and the editions look great (quality of paper, colored illustrations and photos).

    Full text is here —


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