Dale Carnegie 2.0

My kid has exceptional sociability skills that she did not learn from anybody in this family. For instance, when she wants to share something that happened at school, she leads with, “Mommy, what was your favorite thing you did at work today?”

And after I answer, she says, “thank you for telling me! Would you like to hear my favorite thing I did at school today?”


3 thoughts on “Dale Carnegie 2.0

  1. “thank you for telling me! Would you like to hear…”

    How long before that sentence gets finished with

    …about a great new investment opporunity?”

    …about our new tupperware line?”

    …a great time share location in Cornhusk, Nebraska?”


  2. That’s awesome! My husband and I are also not exactly stellar in the social aptitude department. Out of our three kids, only the eldest shares this with us. The other two are far more socially aware and nimble than we are. It is a mystery to us how that happened.

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