Wordle Wisdom

The mistake people make in Wordle is that when they have a word that differs from a bunch of others in a single letter, they waste their 5 guesses on going through all of these possible words.

For instance, you have _ aste. It’s a mistake to go “waste, haste, paste, baste, etc ” because you’ll run out of guesses soon enough. If the “aste” part has already been guessed, what’s the point of repeating it? Instead, use a word that has all or most of the possible letters (e.g. whoop). The second and the third guesses should never contain any of the letters you already guessed. If you already know them, what’s the point of repeating them?

4 thoughts on “Wordle Wisdom

  1. On difficult mode this is not possible: a green letter is forced to be played in the correct position.


  2. Btw “hard mode” (green letter forced in the correct position) is not a sound strategy at all. It’s hard for wrong / stupid reasons.

    Clarissa’s recommendation is spot on. You need to use words that will eliminate as many possible unknown letters before venturing a guess.

    I also play Quordle (9 tries to guess 4 words) and Octordle (13 tries to guess 8 words). I start each with four words that map out 19 different letters, so basically I have only one opportunity to shoot and miss, and typically don’t have to use it. Wordle and derivatives are fun games of strategy, and the versions with more than one word emphasize the futility of guessing.

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