COVID and Trans

The aggressive pushing of “COVID vaccines,” puberty blockers and trans surgeries by the Biden administration has the same purpose. The aim is to normalize the idea that a human body is not OK in an unmessed-with state.

This isn’t about specifically COVID or trans. The plan is much more ambitious. It is to implant in our heads the belief that a healthy human body doesn’t exist. That in its natural state the human body is deadly and, hence, should be aggressively modified since conception.

It’s a lot easier to control people’s minds and actions once you’ve turned them into permanent invalids, dependent completely on the medical “care” you dole out.

4 thoughts on “COVID and Trans

  1. I see that there are 6 thumbs down on this post, which is unusual – I keep a beady eye on this sort of thing and in general there are 1 or 2 on controversial issues that may be characterised as Woke topics. I wonder if in this case some people were alerted to this particular post by the one or two contrarian readers and invited to give the thumb down or if some of these contrarian readers do not normally express any views unless Woke issues are involved.

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  2. “dependent completely on the medical “care” ”

    The old “you are what you eat” has become “you are what you are receiving professional treatment for”…


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