Free Healthcare

Canadian healthcare system is an abomination. My father has spent hours trying to get admitted (seen, diagnosed, something) with an acute condition to no avail. He has a relative there with him to advocate for him because he’s in no condition to speak. Now imagine patients who don’t happen to have a relative handy.

Please don’t ask what he has. The whole problem is precisely that we don’t know and can’t find out.

My mother, by the way, has been waiting forever to have an ophthalmological (meaning paid) procedure for God knows how long. Nothing is happening.

This is the “free” Canadian healthcare. You pay insane taxes, then pay cash on top of that, and you still can’t get care.

9 thoughts on “Free Healthcare

  1. And here I thought the one thing they did okay at was prompt treatment in the emergency department. Dear god. I hope he’s able to see someone soon.


    1. Over 6 hours. No doctor, no tests, no bed. The usual. This is a 70-year-old man who’s not ambulatory at this moment, whose blood sugar is spiking, and it’s impossible to get any help.


      1. That sounds like he needs an urgent dose of insulin at the least. In what world is that responsible healthcare?

        Dear god. As someone who works at a hospital I am livid at the fact that he hasn’t been able to see someone if he’s not ambulatory and not currently verbal. There is no excuse. Has he even seen a nurse?

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          1. “2-hour wait for him to get admitted”

            I’m very glad your father was admitted. But your stories of Canadian ‘healthcare’ do bring up a horrible cynical question I wish I wasn’t thinking…. I wouldn’t bring it up but I’m sure you’ve thought it too…

            How much is Canadian ‘health’ policy geared toward the idea “burials are cheaper than treatment”?

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            1. I think it’s definitely the direction where things are trending. You save on healthcare, pensions, welfare – what’s not to like? All that money can be put to better use by Pfizer and Moderna, which is where it’s funneled.


      1. One problem might be that they have outlawed private-sector care. Anyhow, wishing your father the best, will say a prayer for him.


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