Real Messiness

So I spilled boiling oil over the inside of my wrist. A lot of boiling oil. Of course, I immediately put a thick coat of toothpaste over the burn. Now it doesn’t hurt anymore but I’m making a mess everywhere. And posting about messiness which is very fitting.

4 thoughts on “Real Messiness

  1. Might want to get that checked by a doctor…? I was just Googling it some, quite a few articles saying do not put toothpaste on burns. Be careful.


    1. It worked amazingly well. No pain and just a few smallish red spots. The trick is to put it on right after the burn. Once a blister formed, it’s a bad idea to put on toothpaste because the open wound can get infected.

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  2. I use coconut oil on burns. It works especially well for sunburn. I’d try the toothpaste, but I haven’t got any– after I caught the first kiddo trying to snack on the fluoride toothpaste (hello, poison control hotline…) I learned how to make tooth powder. It’s not as tasty. Which is a good thing. Toddler still gets into it, but now it’s just a mess on the bathroom counter, not a medical emergency.


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