The Greatness of Human Spirit

This is Bucha right after being liberated from the Russians and earlier today:

One in five residents of Bucha were murdered by the Russians. But the survivors still came out to clean their town and try to make it pretty again.

2 thoughts on “The Greatness of Human Spirit

  1. OT: Galeev has another mega-thread that’s pretty great.

    shorter version: Z-war is about cultural memes as Russia wants to eliminate Ukrainian memes and replace them with Russian memes.

    slightly longer shorter version: modern Russian indentity was created by Pushkin (whose work is full of nasty and vile ideas), the closest Ukrainian equivalent is Shevchenko who despised Russian ideas as they conflicted with traditional Ukrainian values which included things like human dignity (a non-concept in Russia).

    ps I had no idea Brodsky was so nasty either…..

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