A Normal Couple

Online sleuths have revealed the name of the Russian woman who became famous for encouraging her husband to rape Ukrainian women. They look like such a normal, cute couple on social media:

On Instagram, the woman identifies family values as her guiding principle in life.

The husband was wounded and is now recovering in the occupied Crimea.

4 thoughts on “A Normal Couple

  1. No, they are not normal. They both have a mean look in their faces. I would avoid them if I met them at church– there is actually a family at our church where the parents have that look, and I stay away from them, and I have quietly warned my kids to stay away from them and their kids. I don’t know anything about this particular family, but I’ve known people like that in the past, and they were, without exception, total psychopaths. These are the kind of people who commit murder, assault, stalking, and embezzlement, who will blackmail the landlord to avoid paying rent, abuse sexual partners, and try to kill exes. Those are not guesses: all of those things actually happened with people I used to know. People who had that same look. Predators.

    Also, there is something very wrong with people who use selfie-sticks.

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    1. The woman in particular is hiding something about her emotional state. I see women with that expression who are either evil people or suffering greatly and trying but failing to hide it. I’m not as good at reading men but he does have a closed face which sends cautionary signals.
      I didn’t necessarily avoid people like this before but as they have also turned out to be the greatest covidians, I watch out for Team Crazy Eyes more now. There was a woman at church who was willing to talk with me about how the covid restrictions were affecting the church and my husband asked me not to meet with her in particular. A check the next time we saw her confirmed her membership in TCE and I was glad that I listened to him.

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