Question for Floridians

Folks from Southern states, do palm branches stink? We brought home blessed palm leaves from the Palm Sunday service as usual, and they are fine. But we also brought a palm branch from a bunch that were used to decorate and then given to children to play because they hadn’t been blessed. I feel that the branch stinks something horrid. Like rancid sunflower oil. Am I going nuts or do they really stink?

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      1. It’s possible, since they have to ship it from the subtropics. Depending on the smell, it’s also possible that some animal got to it before it was cut. Either way, I’d burn it (assuming it’s blessed) and not keep it around the house.

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        1. The other possibility is that it’s not a palm branch. I noticed at our church that some of the branches used to decorate were Sago (which is a cycad, not a palm). I have never noticed that sago stinks, but I’ve also never tried smelling it, so I can’t say for sure.


            1. They’re both common landscaping plants around here, but it’s important to know the difference because a good-sized sago is worth money, and people will steal them– like, dig them right out of your yard and sell them to landscapers. Nobody will steal your palm trees ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. Rotting palms can smell like several things, and all of them smell very bad.

    The worst would be a fungal infestation that could spread spores around the house.

    Also, if it’s sago, don’t burn it, that stuff is toxic enough already without burning it.

    I keep the palm trees on the outside.


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