Don’t Mess with the Paska

Russians now put war symbolism even on their paskas:

Paskas are Easter dome-shaped breads we take to church to be blessed on Easter. The only thing you can put on them is a cross. Anything war-related on a paska is just wrong.

The next step in this madness will be to decorate holy icons with Zs.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Mess with the Paska

    1. The view of the damage from the side is particularly painful. Those absolute animals. Incapable of building anything, all they do is wreak havoc and destroy.


  1. Can this be true? Sounds utterly insane:

    ❗️Путин планирует провести принудительную мобилизацию на оккупированных территориях Запорожской и Херсонской областей, — ГУР.
    Псевдореферендумы на оккупированных территориях Запорожской и Херсонской областей преследуют цель объявления принудительной «мобилизации».
    После её проведения ФСБ РФ планирует бросить «мобилизованных» украинцев на горячие участки фронта на штурм позиций ВСУ под контролем заградительных отрядов. Фактически это попытка уничтожить Украину руками украинцев.

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      1. // Yes, it’s true. What are you going to do.

        To make this public, have the entire world talk of that and promise more help for Ukraine and more sanctions against Russia, if it’s true.

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        1. An enormous amount of work is being done. Ukrainian diplomacy absolutely kicks ass and every other organ. If even Italy started sending heavy weaponry, it’s a stunning success. Russians are digging themselves into a deep, deep hole.


  2. Some facts. Some surprises
    One of the very likely outcommes of current situation we will see soon. NATO alliance will get two more partners. And not ordinary partners: Sweden and Finlland. This is landmark situation: these two countries will change their long term neutrality policy (Sweden followed the neutrality policy since 1809!).
    And these countries will be exceptionally valuable partners. E.g. how many people knows this ?:

    Likely few people knew that Finland has largest artilery force in Europe !

    And this is likely also unknown for the many people: Finland has best short notice combat capabilities in Europe. It means they can put to the combat capabilities reserve forces than any other country:

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