Pleasant or Effective?

And yes, of course, it feels good to be able to hit the name-calling bastards with a similarly heavy slur. Oh, I’m a ray-ceest? Then, you are a groomer. Ha ha.

This warm and fuzzy feeling of getting one over on the bastards comes at a cost of alienating the normies. The normies, as we have seen in Virginia and Florida, will come out to fight the school board. They won’t come out to fight a worldwide cabal of pedophiles. The normies tend to know their children’s teachers very well. They know that these people are not pedos or groomers. Moreover, there’s no parent on the planet who’ll happily run with the narrative of “I sent my kid to spend time with a pedophile every day.” This groomer meme makes parents feel like you are saying they are bad parents. And that turns them into your sworn enemy.

It all feels great but it’s massively counterproductive. Unfortunately, I don’t think people know the difference between “feels good” and “is effective” any more.

14 thoughts on “Pleasant or Effective?

  1. So… the marketing should be “Parents’ Rights” rather than “anti-grooming”?

    I’m still slightly confused. Because I am genuinely creeped out that there are apparently lots of people who feel it is their bounden duty to tell my children about private parts and gay relationships starting at age five. Perhaps it would be a more sensible discussion if we could hear from some kindergarten teachers who’d rather not do that– which seems like a normal and healthy reaction? Because that seems to be a missing perspective. Problem being that it likely crosses the teachers’ union, and no matter what teachers think about the subject, very few will go against the NEA in public. Their jobs and insurance depend on it.


  2. Violate the non-aggression principle, get labelled as a terrorist …

    #OKTerrorist 🙂 🙂 🙂


  3. Out of curiosity, have you watched any of the videos reposted on “Libs of Tiktok”? I have no video bandwidth, but I am reliably told that watching them completely explains the “OMG pedos in the schools” “OKGroomer” phenomenon. Many of the vids are filmed in classrooms. These are videos originally posted by progressives, not videos made and posted by people with an axe to grind against the LGBetc agenda. It’s the activists themselves talking about what they want and how they want to achieve it.


    1. The videos are shocking, absolutely. But they are also counterproductive. A normie parent watches the videos. Her kid’s third-grade teacher doesn’t look or sound like anything in those videos. She looks like a regular middle-aged lady from the Midwest. So the normie mom says, “well, this has nothing to do with me. My kid’s teacher is normal. This is not my issue.” The fact that the problem isn’t with freaky looking individuals but with the curriculum and the frumpy-looking school-board ladies gets lost in the narrative of creepy pedos with weird hair. Getting the freaky groomer dude fired is a great goal. But the problem is that a normal – looking teacher hired instead will spout the same garbage because it’s in the curriculum.

      The Libs of Tik Tok account should be showing videos of normal, boring Mrs Brown who has 3 kids and 9 grandchildren and who has to recite gender lunacy that she doesn’t even understand to 7-year-olds. That would be really scary. And really effective.


      1. It’s possible. But I’m not totally convinced. In my experience if you get a normal-looking person with any kind of credentials to say it, most people will accept it uncritically, no matter what it is they’re saying.


        1. Ref: the Asche experiment. Their results found a little over 62% of people will just go along with whatever the well-dressed people around them are saying, no matter how insane, as long as they are not exposed to any opposing viewpoints.


  4. The smug, self-satisfied slur accomplishes nothing. It induces a lot of outrage – very distracting – instead of nailing people to the reality of their absurd notions.

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    1. The problem is also that all of the power lies with the left. The cultural space is dominated by the left. When the left calls you something bad, everybody hears. When we call them something, only we hear. We are talking to ourselves here. And it’s fun but I enjoy winning a lot more. When normie parents in Virginia eviscerated the school boards and carried a Republican to winning the governorship, that was good. I want more of that.

      We have a governor election coming up in Illinois. The current governor is a billionaire, a fanatical progressive, and a close relative of one of the most powerful, richest trans activists in the nation. As a result, our public school curriculum is one of the most hardcore gender propaganda in the nation. And nobody knows about this. The dirty bastard will probably win again in November. And you know who’ll carry him to victory? Hispanic voters. The very voters who based on everything in their culture are perfectly positioned to hate gender propaganda.


  5. Only tangentially related:

    Video of the FL house passing the bill to strip Disney of special legal privileges. Literally with angry activists screaming in the background. I know there is no longer anything remotely surprising about it, but it’s still jarring to have witnessed the far left go from anti-huge-corporation back in 2000, to literally screaming support for Disney (and Big Pharma, and billionaire-owned social media companies, and…). I’ve never been a lefty, so I don’t understand what happened there. It’s really weird. I mean, opposition to giant corporations like Monsanto used to be the one thing you could count on bored, unstable lefty activist types for. And it was admirable in its way, even if it never accomplished anything. Now they’re unpaid advocates for the Magic Kingdom?


      1. I think Ikea was associated with the “vastly superior” Nordic countries. There’s some weird fixation with Nordic countries among the same lefties who can’t shut up about “the Global South.” Strangely, they all want to live in Norway, not the Global South.


    1. Right? It’s now suddenly left-wing to shill for Big Pharma. I can’t get over how incredibly bizarre this is. What’s next, Big Tobacco will be the new hero of the left? And I’m not even half-joking.


      1. “Big Tobacco will be the new hero of the left?”

        Not even hard….. Start with a noble Native American medicinal herb being attacked by white supremacist laywers on behalf of their white sumpremacist clients (getting sick from smoking is proof of white supremacy as the magic herb only makes the impure sick).
        Presto changeo and Phillip Morris is now immune to lawsuits as part of the process of decolonizing the legal professions.
        Give me a hard one next time….

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