A Video on Jen Psaki

Does anybody know how YouTube views work?

Not that I’m obsessing over my YouTube views.

OK, I’m totally obsessing over them.

But still, how does it work? Why do views suddenly disappear? For instance you have 100+, and then more than half of them gets erased.

In any case, in a new video I decided to answer the question of why Jen Psaki sounds so dumb. I won’t be able to record any new videos tomorrow because I have a dental procedure and will be all swollen. So I decided to post it today.

I promise to lay off the videos soon. Once the novelty wears off, I’ll move on.


3 thoughts on “A Video on Jen Psaki

  1. Do you know about the YouTube studio (top right icon > drop down menu)? That’s where you can access the stats. It gives you the idea where the traffic comes from and how long people are watching. As to why views are disappearing, I don’t know. The software could be removing robotic access from the stats.


    1. It’s part of an “auditing” process. Views associated with inactive accounts get deleted. Repeated views from the same link and IP address get deleted so that only one unique viewer is counted. Views that don’t last longer than ten seconds can be bots used to inflate view counts—they typically only load the player and move to the next video, only open the player, etc. Those get deleted after the fact. I would definitely look at the statistics as Maria suggested, rather than the raw count.

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