Stolen Children

This was done by the Franco dictatorship after the civil war of 1936-9. Children of Republican families were forcibly removed and handed over for adoption to regime-friendly families for reeducation. Many of the children were so small that they had no memory of their real parents. This only started coming to light in 2002 and onwards. Some of these children managed to locate their already very elderly parents. Many were too late and only found graves of their moms and dads. I did some research on this a while ago, and it’s heartbreaking.

In the 1970s, this strategy was adopted by the military junta in Argentina. Children were handed over to the literal rapists and torturers of their parents. Some grew up calling their mom’s rapist “dad.” Imagine what they felt when this all started to be revealed. DNA was very helpful in reuniting families.

Russians are in great company here. Franco, the junta. Unsurprisingly, Franco was a great admirer of Hitler and the Argentinian junta engaged former Nazis hiding in Argentina in teaching torture techniques to the junta butchers.


4 thoughts on “Stolen Children

    1. My friend, I love you, but do you honestly, sincerely not see the difference between people sitting peacefully at home and then somebody coming in, murdering the parents, and stealing the children AND people deciding to go to a different country, entering it illegally, and discovering that as a result of their actions they face uncomfortable, unpleasant situations? Has the concept of human agency disappeared completely? How can we compare war and dictatorship where people had zero choice to participate in it with a situation that is fully a result of one’s decisions? If Trump invaded Guatemala and dragged the children away, that would be a good analogy. But we all know that one thing he didn’t do was start wars.


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