Flexible Floods Fill

Flexible, fill and flood – three words pointing to fluidity in one short message. There’s even alliteration – f, f, f – that imitates the sound of flowing water.

No, I don’t think he’s doing it “on purpose.” Who cares, though?


2 thoughts on “Flexible Floods Fill

  1. Even though Thomas Hedley Fairfax Harwood [to give him his proper accoutrements] is probably not doing it on purpose, and even though he represents the likeable face of Modern British Conservatism he has drunk the kool-aid of Neoliberal Globalism hook, line and sinker. After all, he is 25, what else would you expect?
    Think of him as the Tony Blair of the Conservatives, i.e. he is always right on and only has the right opinions: revolting. You should hear him on GB News, a purportedly new, anti-mainstream radio, preening himself with smug, complacent, self-satisfied bravado.

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