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Glaring Absence

Curiously, there’s one thing he didn’t mention. It starts with nay and ends with toe.

U-Haul Is Your State

There’s this oft-repeated liberal argument that perfectly encapsulates the tension between the nation-state and the post-nation state. The argument is that it’s unfair for small rural states to have the same number of senators as states with gigantic multimillion cities.

The US Constitution was written for a nation-state. Solid stage of capitalism. Land is important.

The post-nation state operates with a different logic. Land is meaningless. People are a commodity. It’s the fluid stage of capitalism. Whoever drags more people somewhere else wins. Don’t like the lack of opportunities? Move! Learn to code! There is no state to watch out for you. U-Haul is your state. The state exists to serve the interests of the fluid capital. If you need to be punished to benefit Pfizer, you will be punished.

Of course, the people who are more easily transportable will be more likely to adopt the narratives that are post-national in nature. Those who haven’t managed to make themselves conveniently transportable should be denied representation.

I just finished my big talk on why support for democracy is dying worldwide, and this was a small part of what I said.