Stolen Election

These incredible geniuses who today brought supplies to the same spot where they had been bombed into the ground 16 times previously, who send lone tanks to do recon, and who lost 9 generals in two months of war – are these the same people who supposedly stole the 2016 election in the US?

I’ve been saying this here for years. Putin is an uneducated, semiliterate cuck. A weakling. Everybody in Russia who had brains and a drive has been pushed out, destroyed or demoralized. Only miserable, aggressive, stupid idiots were promoted and allowed to make a living. They are barely capable of urinating without getting the piss all over themselves, let alone falsify American elections.

More Fires in Russia

All in all, 1/5 of the entire territory of the Russian city of Bryansk is on fire right now.

Election in France

Guess what? We don’t have to choose between two shades of excrement. Macron and LePen are both stinking globalists. They both suck. It’s sad that France has no alternative to this garbage. But other places do. So let’s neither bemoan nor celebrate the French election. French voters had no real choice, and their fake choices are of no interest to us.

More Fires in Russia

Also, the mansion of the governor of the Moscow Region burned the day before yesterday. Or, rather, a mansion. The dude’s got a bunch of them.

This is fire #6 or 7, I’ve lost count, on a major strategic asset in just a few days.

I still think that there’s a non-negligible chance of this being the typical Russian incompetence. Russia experiences gigantic fires (sometimes it’s floods) that devastate enormous territories on a yearly basis. I’ve written about this in the past. Nobody ever cares or demands accountability.