Election in France

Guess what? We don’t have to choose between two shades of excrement. Macron and LePen are both stinking globalists. They both suck. It’s sad that France has no alternative to this garbage. But other places do. So let’s neither bemoan nor celebrate the French election. French voters had no real choice, and their fake choices are of no interest to us.

5 thoughts on “Election in France

  1. Feel kind of shocked after discovering the main Putin’s TV propagandist, Solovyov, is a Jew. Why? 😦

    Found this after the latest news of:

    // “Neo-Nazis, who planned the assassination of Russian journalist Vladimir Solovyov with the instruction of Kyiv, have been detained”, according to the Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia, APA’s Moscow correspondent reports.

    “We know by name the curators of the Ukrainian Nazis from Western services, primarily the US CIA, who give such advice as the murder of (Russian) journalists,” Putin said, speaking at an expanded meeting of the Prosecutor General’s Office Board in Moscow. //

    A Russian sociologist, an author of the book I recently recommended and a successful blogger thinks the assassination was a warning to Solovyov from Russian authorities (military? secret service?) since Solovyov started letting himself to criticize the ‘operation’ a bit too much and shows lack of his former luster:

    Плюс недавно в эфире “Вечернего Соловьева” был совсем уже стремный для ведущего случай (видео широко разошлось по интернету) – там прямо в передаче его “гости” устроили настоящий антисемитский шабаш, “прозрачно” намекая, что “всякие ройзманы, макаревичи, урганты и розенбаумы” как раз и препятствуют победе русского народа в СВО. Соловьев пытался возражать, говоря, что они “только по виду евреи”, но гости с торжествующими ухмылками не дали ему “съехать с темы” – видимо, забыв, что Соловьев-то сам еврей.



    1. Many people don’t remember that early in the 21 century Soloviev was a critic of the Putin regime. Then his show got banned, he was threatened, suffered a mysterious illness, and finally reemerged as the chief propagandist of the Putin regime. Not to excuse Soloviev in any way but it’s important to remember the whole story.


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