More Fires in Russia

All in all, 1/5 of the entire territory of the Russian city of Bryansk is on fire right now.

10 thoughts on “More Fires in Russia

    1. Yeah. This is what we are dealing with here. The whole world sits there, utterly terrified of these absolute geniuses.

      “But why is Putin doing this, it makes no sense.”

      Because he’s stoooopid, my friends.


      1. ” he’s stoooopid, my friends”

        Galeev has an interesting thread in which he claims Lukashenka is much smarter than Putin (and the lumbering, simple bumpkin facade is an act). He frequently ends up sabotaging Putin, his rhetoric and gets away with all kinds of crap because Putin is simple and predictable and easy to manipulate if you have a hook (and Lukashenka does…).


        1. This is true. Putin has never been able to get anything out of Lukashenka that he didn’t want to give. Putin is very primitive. People keep suspecting unplumbed depths in him but there are none.


  1. Re fires, I would be careful with being enthusiastic since, as several have commented, it may be FSB’s work resembling exploding buildings from years ago.

    Fires, fake assassinations of Russian propagandists (the official version is that the ‘nazis’ wanted to kill Simonyan & pretty much everyone else on TV many Russians are accustomed to watch every day), something additional … It may well be the preparation for approaching draft or another drastic step of a cornered rat.


    1. Simonian is widely despised in Russia, even by the most sincerely Putinoids, so not to worry.

      By the way, she published a work of fiction a couple of years ago. It was so poorly written that it was impossible to believe it got published.

      I still remember one of the famous quotes: “Выйдя из моря в пленительных ресницах я присела на гальку.”


      1. More Simonian prose:

        “Над пшеницей планировал витютень, в изумлении глядя на вертолет, справа — зеленый подшерсток сахарной свеклы, а на бахче — тугие задницы казаков и казачек в синих трико. Я быстро поправила лямки бюстгальтера, одним движением мягкой груди выдохнула мечты и воспоминания”

        And later in the same book: “Она быстро поправила лямки бюстгальтера, одним движением мягкой груди выдохнула мечты и воспоминания и снова схватила швабру, как верный спасательный круг.”

        The woman is single-handedly destroying the Russian culture. Let’s let her.


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