More Fires in Russia

Also, the mansion of the governor of the Moscow Region burned the day before yesterday. Or, rather, a mansion. The dude’s got a bunch of them.

This is fire #6 or 7, I’ve lost count, on a major strategic asset in just a few days.

I still think that there’s a non-negligible chance of this being the typical Russian incompetence. Russia experiences gigantic fires (sometimes it’s floods) that devastate enormous territories on a yearly basis. I’ve written about this in the past. Nobody ever cares or demands accountability.

16 thoughts on “More Fires in Russia

    1. It’s the Soviet instinct that kicks in immediately. Very typical. People keep saying, “Russians will never attack a NATO country, they’ll never do this, they’ll never do that, they are not crazy.” I’ve been watching the situation devolve for 25 years, and yes, they are completely crazy.


  1. “a non-negligible chance of this being the typical Russian incompetence”

    abbreviating from a twitter thread…. How do we know that i’s not a false flag? Putin would never sacrifice something valuable, he’d bomb something he didn’t care about at all… like civilian residential areas.

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    1. Thank you, great video. That’s exactly what I’ve been saying all along. But it’s not all hopeless. We have a champion that’s fighting against globalism, against COVID lunacy, against digital totalitarianism and in favor of true Western freedom. That champion is Ukraine. You know me. Would I be so supportive of Ukraine if I had any reason to suspect they are for globalism and all the woke insanity that I hate so much? Of course, not. You know how much I hate all this stuff. We don’t have to choose between Trudeau’s globalism and Putin’s globalism. This is a false choice we are being given to disorient and weaken us. Make us fight amongst ourselves. And it’s been a successful ploy. Many people, unfortunately, bought into it. We should reject both flavors of globalism and choose a strong nation-state and true freedom. Which is what the Ukrainian leadership is saying this whole time.


      1. On vaccines specifically, Russia’s COVUD vaccine tyranny was much earlier and harder than even the Canadian. Putin created a roadmap that Trudeau then followed.

        So should we be for a country that championed vaccine tyranny or for a country that took the position of championing monoclonal antibodies, a treatment for the sick instead of medicalizing the healthy? That was the road that Ukraine took, providing monoclonal antibodies to everybody who needed them while the US and Russia rationed and withheld antibodies from the sick in order to pump experimental vaccines into the healthy?


      2. My sense is that while the Ukrainian people may be on the proper side, the way Biden is proceeding in aiding Ukraine moves the rest of us further towards collapse and by extension the great Reset. His failure to keep Putin in check is likely because This unfolding of events is exactly what he and the Davos types want.


        1. I have no love for Biden, obviously, but Russia acts according to its own logic and doesn’t care what they US do. There’s nothing Biden or anybody else could have done here. The problem is much older than Biden himself.


  2. In other news, the NYT calls it a win for Democracy that Macron won over “far-right nationalist” LePen. 🙄

    I guess they are boosters for “democratic globalism?” What does that even mean since there is no representation and unelected self appointed rulers will Dictate our every move???


    1. France, unfortunately, doesn’t have any alternative to globalism at all. Macron – we all know what he is. LePen and Zemmour are Putin plants. France is a lost cause for now.


  3. OT: Explosions in Transnistria… pretext to ‘protect’ the Russians there or pro-active engagement by Moldovans?

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    1. It takes a loooooong time to get a Moldovan to figure out he’s being had and get angry. These are very peaceful, somewhat comatose folks. Even a Canadian gets going faster than a Moldovan. So probably a pretext but I’d love to be wrong.


      1. “a loooooong time to get a Moldovan to figure out”

        I want to ask about Soviet stereotypes. There’s a construction crew I’ve seen around in this part of town that specializes in emptying out buildings to be destroyed or remodeled (that is they tear down inner walls separate bricks from rubble that kind of thing).

        I have no idea where they’re from. They’re on the skinny side, dark almost middle easternish complexions with dark hair (and almost all have facial hair). The thing is I can’t figure out what language they’re speaking (they’re always talking to each other and usually pretty loudly).

        It’s not Moldovan, or anything Slavic or anything Turkic (or middle eastern that I can recognize). They have a post soviet vibe (for lack of a better word) so I’m thinking either Armenian or Georgian (there’ve been trickles of both into Poland for a few years now) but neither of those seems like the type to travel that far to go into construction… Migration from the RF is really negligible now so I don’t think they’re from the Russian caucasus. Any ideas?


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