Obama and Democracy

The overuse of the word democracy and the cheapening of the concept by evoking it insistently and needlessly are rhetorical devices aimed at turning it into a meaningless, vacous verbal tick.

Three uses of “democracy” in the above tweet, yet absolutely no information is conveyed.

This is propaganda 101. As I explained recently, democracy is, indeed, dying because the state-form that brought it into existence is dying. But we are being conditioned to not care because “democracy” is a word that frumpy, irrelevant Obama repeats every 3 seconds. So it must be something useless and irrelevant, too. After the millionth solemn pronouncement that “our democracy is in danger because of something extremely trivial”, nobody takes democracy and its travails, whether real or hyped up, seriously anymore.

4 thoughts on “Obama and Democracy

  1. You left out the part where Obama said that free speech has to be restricted to disallow opinions considered “misinformation” by overlords like him.


    1. RELATED TOPIC: Elon Musk has succeeded in buying Twitter and will take the company private — another mortal blow for democracy!

      It’s going to be a fun afternoon watching all the exploding heads on CNN and MSNBC. 🙂

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