A Different Kind of West

One huge transformation that took place in Ukraine since 2014 is that Ukrainians lost the desire to become “like the West.” Unsurprisingly, these past 8 years were the time when the West made it abundantly clear that it had lost its way. The West abjured its greatness and started undoing its achievements.

This is why Arestovich says today, “you’d think that nothing is worse than dying in a war but there is. It would be worse to turn into a bunch of digital sheep who sit at home alone glued to their screens and wearing their little masks because they are terrified of life. We are fighting today to not be Russia but also to not be that version of the West.”

The West will be great, confident, proud, and capable of incredible achievements again. But the center of the West will shift. And that’s OK.

9 thoughts on “A Different Kind of West

  1. The so called West hasn’t fought a real war in many decades. It has certainly grown complacent to an extreme, but I think that will start to change as some of the ghost from the past resurface.

    Who knows, maybe we will come to long for simpler days when we argued about masks, stupid gender stuff, etc. instead of war, famine, disease, and widespread destruction and death.

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    1. After 2 years of trying, I still can’t teach my course under the name “Intro to Hispanic Civilization” because I can’t convince the university that the word “civilization” isn’t offensive. Instead, I have to teach it as “Intro to Spanish language” although the course is taught in English and theres no discussion of language in it. This is a small, insignificant lunacy but it’s indicative of many things.


      1. That’s mainly just academia though. The rest of the US isn’t that crazy and I think things are starting to move in the opposite direction.


  2. I didn’t know before 2014 that Russia was that active in supporting DNR-likes everywhere:

    Россия собралась признать независимость Приднестровья и «выкорчевать нацизм» в Молдавии

    Российские власти могут признать независимость Приднестровья уже в ближайшее время, заявил зампредседателя комитета Госдумы по делам СНГ Виктор Водолацкий.

    По его словам, Приднестровье фактически считает себя частью России и хочет повторить судьбу Южной Осетии, Донецкой и Луганской республик. Ранее власти этих регионов объявили о желании присоединиться к РФ.

    Водолацкий сообщил, что президент Молдавии Майя Санду и «ее румынские кураторы» якобы хотят реализовать в Приднестровье украинский сценарий и развязать войну.

    Виктор Водолацкий добавил, что приднестровцы «находятся в изоляции», и необходимо создать «коридор» к России.


    WHAT IS THIS?!!! 😦 😦 😦

    Regarding the bolded part, I had no idea about Moldova till today, but if the citizens of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic (PMR) are even 1% normal, they surely don’t ‘want to repeat’ DNR.


    1. Oh yes. This is how it’s been since the 1990s. Transdnistria has been destroyed. If Russia isn’t stopped at some point, this will only get worse.


  3. OT: Meanwhile, Siberia has out of control fires because the Russian military is busy in Ukraine…


    And in Bryansk (halfway between Kyiv and Moskva?) the Druzhba oil refinery and a military base with fuel tanks are on fire…


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