Cowboy Mentality

And it’s so frustrating. Why is there no documentary titled “Arestovich” or “Kuleba” or any of the leading Ukrainian politicians? Not only are they not neo-Nazis, which is quite a low bar to cross, they are interesting, profound people with great insight. Why does every Russian jerkwad get all this attention when Ukrainians can’t do anything to get some coverage of being anything but victims?

Also, this is primitive, cowboy-movie mentality. Putin is a bad guy. The solution is to find a good guy, swap them somehow, and everything will be great. To imagine that there might be a deeper problem there is too confusing. There’s no happy pill but we are used to happy pills.

I received some bad news today, so I’m obsessing over this documentary that I haven’t even seen yet to avoid obsessing about anything else.

Good Alternative

Wow, I was at the gym and saw on the gym TV that the CNN will be showing a documentary titled “Navalny” tomorrow. If somebody chances across it, can you please tell me if they will mention that he’s a neo-Nazi? I know the word has been emptied of all meaning through overuse, so it no longer has any effect when I say it. But the guy is a real, bona fide, sieg-heiling neo-Nazi. I know everybody is eager to find an alternative to Putin in Russia but, God, people, this guy. That the BLM-ing CNN would promote a fellow who’s on record using the n-word to describe darker-skinned people (among many other things he’s done), I just don’t know. This is a violent jerk who once got upset in public over somebody expressing an opinion he didn’t like, so he took out a gun and started shooting.

What is a good alternative to Putin in Russia, somebody will ask?

Oh, you sweet summer child, is all I can say.

No Easter Peace

Russians refused the Easter ceasefire proposed by Ukrainians. Moreover:

After the Z paskas I’m not easy to shock but this. . . yeah.

This is for the simpletons who are still saying, “yes but the peace talks.”

More Good Signs

There are even more heartening signs. Every year I look at conference proposals for my scholarly association. Usually, unless I organize something, it’s all along the lines of “how to make the Spanish language more inclusive.” Inane crap whose only purpose is to show our subservience to the American corporate left.

This year, though, we’ve got two proposals. I read the first one, and it’s unexpectedly good. Cancel culture, the rise of digital censorship, the silencing of the disobedient. When was the last time anyone discussed this at an academic conference?

OK, I think, we are going with this topic. Let’s take a look at the second proposal for just in case. The second proposal starts with, “the philosopher Zygmunt Bauman warned us about the perils of dismantling the nation-state. . .”

Long story short, we are going to have two sessions. And both will be anti-woke. Yes, this is Hispanic Studies and we were never crazy woke like the Anglos. We are wannabe woke to please the Anglos but it’s always been half-hearted and insincere. But still, to see some serious readiness to defy the Anglo wokes is very heartening.

Paying Extra

I filled up the tank today. $42. My sister filled up hers in Canada. $100. Canadian dollars but still. This is the capital transfer overseen by the collapsing nation-state that I keep talking about. This money was taken straight out of our pockets and handed over to the oligarchy. This is the destruction of the middle class. Remember, no nation-state, no middle class.

Every time you pay more at the gas pump and at the grocery store remember that what you are buying is a post-nation state. A state that exists to make you poorer, strip you of your rights, immiserate and medicate your children, and make your life less comfortable.

It’s time for us to stop buying this monstrosity.