First Tooth

Klara lost her first tooth at school today, and the teacher was ready with a tooth necklace to make sure the tooth isn’t lost. I’m sensitive these days, so the kindness behind this tooth necklace almost finished me off.

Klara is now writing a letter to the tooth fairy, asking her to let her keep the first tooth.

Our priest decided to be funny and said, “I heard there’s inflation, and the tooth fairy is now bringing $30-40 per tooth.” Everybody loved the joke except for the parents of children whose permanent teeth are coming in.

Twitter Wars

Has Alex Berenson’s account been reinstated on Twitter? I looked, and it’s not there. Is the Babylon Bee back? Dr Malone? Until that happens and they all come back, I don’t care who bought what and what promises were made. I’m only interested in results at this point. “But watch the libs’ heads explode!” Could anything be more boring? Unless the libs’ heads explode over actual results, who cares?

Who Prolongs the War?

One thing that makes me angry is the following narrative: “Yes, Russia was wrong to attack Ukraine but the West is prolonging the war because it’s convenient or profitable to the West.”

The only thing that the West could do to either avoid or shorten this war is to wipe Moscow and St Petersburg off the face of the Earth with a nuclear strike. Unless this is what you propose, maybe lay off the narrative of the West prolonging the war.

The Russian narcissistic injury has come up against the American narcissistic injury. Russians are incurable but I’m still hoping that Americans get over the need to blame themselves for everything. You didn’t cause this. Relax. You aren’t prolonging anything. It’s not up to you at all (unless, as I said, the nuclear strikes aren’t off the table, which I hope they are). Russians announced today that they want to invade Moldova, too. Why? ‘Cause they are stupid. Don’t be equally stupid and make everything about you. If we take anything away from all of this is that narcissism is very self-defeating.

Vaxx Update

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’ll probably have to get vaccinated for COVID. There’s one single reason that could have made me do it, and I’ve been presented with it. My father has received a bad diagnosis in Canada. I need to be able to enter Canada easily to visit him. And enter the hospital once I get there.

I don’t want to be dishonest with my readers and pretend to be unvaccinated when things have changed. I haven’t done it yet because I can’t find a J&J in the area. It’s got to be J&J because waiting 6 weeks to get the “fully vaccinated” status defeats the whole purpose.

I don’t even feel upset about it because I don’t have much feeling left for anything in addition to what’s already happening.

Diversely Offended

The diversity office organized a graduation ceremony for Hispanic students. The background music was Central American rap filled with offensive allusions to women, gays, and Americans and positive allusions to drug trade. Then the families of Hispanic students – mostly working class – were treated to a lecture on gender-fluid and gender-non-conforming identities which made everybody long for a return of offensive rap lyrics.

The organizer of the event was a diversity clerk. White. She snubbed the two chief administrators who are black in a pretty blatant way.

This way, in one concerted effort, the diversity office insulted racial, gender, sexuality, and class sensibilities.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m grumpy because I was giving the keynote and was hoping to impress the new chief administrator with it. But the administrator was so mistreated, he left. It’s such a great keynote, and I need as many positive notices for my department as I can get.

Nutritional Wisdom

I don’t get this thread at all:

The guy takes a million years and conducts a bunch of contrived, unnecessary experiments to prove something that was never in dispute. We crave foods that have the nutrients our bodies need. Well, duh. Did anybody somehow manage not to notice?

Klara’s permanent teeth are coming in, so I’m boiling eggs for her all day. She needs calcium, so I’m boiling eggs, steaming broccoli and slicing cheese like a maniac because she keeps asking. I’d much rather make her some mashed potatoes because the stench of boiled eggs is getting to me but it’s a no-go. The phrase “are there any more eggs, mommy?” is giving me heart palpitations.

I’m low on vitamin C (and who isn’t after an endless winter like this one?), so I’m eating oranges by the sackful and fantasizing about orange juice which I normally have no interest in. I’m not doing it on purpose. It’s an overpowering craving.

And I’m sure that once I board the airplane on May 9, I’ll experience an uncontrollable desire for tomato juice that I never notice otherwise.

In kids, nutritional wisdom is really pronounced because they haven’t had a chance to mess up their healthy instincts. Klara once overate cake at a birthday party and then came home and ate nothing but raw cauliflower for two days.

So I’m not sure why all this is delivered as some sort of a revelation. Huge scientific breakthrough! If you close your eyes, it’s possible you might not see what’s in front of you! Here are 15 studies proving it!