Who Prolongs the War?

One thing that makes me angry is the following narrative: “Yes, Russia was wrong to attack Ukraine but the West is prolonging the war because it’s convenient or profitable to the West.”

The only thing that the West could do to either avoid or shorten this war is to wipe Moscow and St Petersburg off the face of the Earth with a nuclear strike. Unless this is what you propose, maybe lay off the narrative of the West prolonging the war.

The Russian narcissistic injury has come up against the American narcissistic injury. Russians are incurable but I’m still hoping that Americans get over the need to blame themselves for everything. You didn’t cause this. Relax. You aren’t prolonging anything. It’s not up to you at all (unless, as I said, the nuclear strikes aren’t off the table, which I hope they are). Russians announced today that they want to invade Moldova, too. Why? ‘Cause they are stupid. Don’t be equally stupid and make everything about you. If we take anything away from all of this is that narcissism is very self-defeating.

6 thoughts on “Who Prolongs the War?

  1. Inspired by Brodsky – one poem is in the post, while another is in the first comment:

    На независимость Украины 2022.0

    С Богом, Иосиф Александрович, где бы вы, затухая
    духом, ни осознали, как вложились в мечту вертухая,
    где бы ни услыхали семь этих страшных громов и горнов,
    и в них не красоты стиля, а рубленый слог Нагорной.


    Десять дней дожди не моросили,
    Вместо муз опять грохочут пушки…
    Друг мой Постум, как там на России?
    Все еще жива моя старушка?

    Третий Рим гниет в своих болотах,
    Во дворце сидят одни придурки?
    Не пора ли пригласить вестготов?
    И сказать спасибо, что не турки.



      1. Brodsky is a genius but this particular poem is pure hackery.

        Just like Mandelshtam’s famous poem about Stalin that cost him his life. Mandelshtam is an absolute genius but that poem is miserable and badly done. It’s sad that he had to die for such garbage poem.


  2. Reply to: Who Prolongs the War?

    The reasoning in this conclusion is sound, but the premise is faulty. I know several leftists who believe this. The reasoning is as follows:

    It is inevitable that Ukraine will lose this war.

    Therefore, the humanitarian thing to do is for Ukraine to surrender.immediately.
    By providing Ukraine with assistance, the West is postponing the inevitable, and thus leading to more deaths and destruction.

    Thus, the best thing to do is to. give Ukraine no assistance of any kind, to minimize suffering.

    This reasoning is valid, but the premise in italics, above, is not true, as far as I an see.

    Therefore, the conclusion does not follow.

    I do not see how this has anything to do with a belief that everything is the U.S’s fault.


    1. Even if the premise were true, there’s no reason to believe that Russians would stop the slaughter if Ukraine surrendered. We’ve seen that it’s not what happens. Russians would rape and murder as many people as they can, steal their children, and send them to Russia. There’s a long-standing preoccupation in Russia that there aren’t enough white children. “Where can we get more white children?” they keep asking. They believe that all Western countries are prowling the world, trying to steal white children. So Russia would be completely justified in entering the game and stealing some of their own white children.


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