Twitter Wars

Has Alex Berenson’s account been reinstated on Twitter? I looked, and it’s not there. Is the Babylon Bee back? Dr Malone? Until that happens and they all come back, I don’t care who bought what and what promises were made. I’m only interested in results at this point. “But watch the libs’ heads explode!” Could anything be more boring? Unless the libs’ heads explode over actual results, who cares?

11 thoughts on “Twitter Wars

  1. It won’t happen right away. In an acquisition there is time between the deal’s announcement and the close of the transaction–often 3-6 months–after which Elon Musk will take possession of the company. Right now, the old management is still in charge.

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      1. I can’t say I’m cheering: I don’t Twitter so I don’t have any personal investment in it. But from what I’m seeing, lots of things are changing even though Elon hasn’t taken the reins yet. non-mainstream folks have seen their subscriber numbers jump by around 10% overnight, while officially-promoted people have seen theirs mysteriously drop. This has the look of various behind-the-scenes miscreants scurrying around trying to cover their tracks, so they don’t get fired/sued/prosecuted.

        Even with no personal investment, I find this moderately amusing. A bit like calling out (from the next room) “I hope nobody’s messing with the knives in the drawer!” and hearing a clatter and drawer slamming in the kitchen, and the two-year-old’s footsteps running away… one tries not to laugh, but it’s difficult to keep a straight face.

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      2. You’re much more mature than I am, Clarissa. I’m enjoying the squeals and howls of outrage from the left, as they reach for their antidepressants and blood pressure medication… Yes, I’m juvenile.


  2. Bringing reason back into the discussion. Thank you, Clarissa.
    That so many conservatives should think that a multibillionaire has just bought a struggling social platform not in order to make a killing but out of concern for the state of free speech in the world is actually mind-numbing.

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  3. I’m hoping for the best but I’m not going to celebrate prematurely. Jack is behind Elon all the way, and he’s the one who banned Trump in the first place.

    One worry I have is that Twitter will bring back a few big name accounts to placate conservatives, but will continue throttling right wing accounts in subtle ways.

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  4. One cause for hope: I’ve already seen a few people who’ve been banned for a long time get their accounts back. It could just be a coincidence but maybe it isn’t.

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    1. It’s too soon for that to represent an actual change in company policy, IMO. I think it’s people inside the company suddenly realizing that if their actions get made public, they could either lose their cushy jobs or be open to lawsuits, if they can’t cover their tracks ASAP.


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