First Tooth

Klara lost her first tooth at school today, and the teacher was ready with a tooth necklace to make sure the tooth isn’t lost. I’m sensitive these days, so the kindness behind this tooth necklace almost finished me off.

Klara is now writing a letter to the tooth fairy, asking her to let her keep the first tooth.

Our priest decided to be funny and said, “I heard there’s inflation, and the tooth fairy is now bringing $30-40 per tooth.” Everybody loved the joke except for the parents of children whose permanent teeth are coming in.

15 thoughts on “First Tooth

  1. Yes, I get very annoyed when people make these types of comments to my kid. We always give her $1 (golden dollar coin, so it is “special”), and a pack of a type of stickers she collects. And she loves it. My mom made this comment recently after my kid had to get a tooth pulled (she had chipped it and it was super loose already so really it was nothing). It’s really not as funny as they think. And it sets up a child to be disappointed bc what lunatic is giving their kid $30 for losing a tooth?

    Congrats to Klara 🥳

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    1. The tooth fairy brings a dollar with a little bit of glitter on it to our house for the first tooth. So far she has managed a different color each time.

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    2. The priest can afford to make statements like that, since he doesn’t have any kids losing teeth.

      I only got a lousy dime per tooth when I was a kid.

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    1. We didn’t do the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, or Santa Claus. Not criticizing parents who do, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to teach our kids to believe in anything we didn’t believe in ourselves.

      Needless to say, all of our kids grew up to be ax murderers.

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      1. It wasn’t any kind of big ethical question for us, it’s just that I can’t actually lie– to my kids or anyone else. We explained to the kids that all of these things– Santa, tooth fairy, easter bunny– are fun games that some families like to play with their kids, and that it would not be nice to disillusion other children about them. We might have tried it if we were any good at playacting, but we aren’t, so… oh well. We play Rummy instead.

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        1. Exactly. If it feels unnatural, definitely don’t do it. Children have a radar for weirdness and uncomfortable vibes. It gives them anxiety. Say what feels honest and natural to you, is my motto.

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        2. We don’t do Easter bunnies or Santa either but somehow they heard about the tooth fairy and were excited about it so we went for it. No hype and cagey answers when they ask about how the process works because I’m not comfortable with straight out lying to them either. My oldest graduated to being the tooth fairy a couple of years ago and it was a smooth transition to her enjoying the game.


      2. I commend you on your approach. Really. It’s crucial to be honest with children to preserve trust.

        I live in a world of characters that to me are more real than reality, so when I talk about the tooth fairy, I don’t lie. But if you feel you’d be dishonest in telling these stories, definitely don’t tell them. You have a great instinct here. Strange that with such great parenting your kids turned out to be ax murderers. (Joke).

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  2. Is tooth fairy and paying for teeth an American thing? Never heard of such in my childhood in Ukraine or here in Israel.

    Googled what a tooth necklace is and it was kind of scary. 🙂 Does anyone truly wear it? Do people keep it for a while and then throw out?

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