Recipe for More Buchas

Also, Bucha, and all the Buchas before it, are the reason why I don’t like this inane talk about bad Putin. Yes, Putin is bad but he didn’t make these Russian boys rape women, murder them, and try to burn their bodies by the side of the road, among other things they’ve done. They did it for the same reason they always do. They enjoy it. The same things were done in Donetsk and Lugansk eight, seven, six, etc years ago. Chechnya, Georgia, even Central Africa. Always the same thing. At a smaller scale, yes, but it always starts smaller and then progresses.

And since I’m at it, I want to respond to the folks who are saying Zelensky should compromise “for the sake of peace” and hand over territories to Russia to end the war. This was already done. In 2014. What happened next? Bucha happened next. Give in again, and Russians will come back stronger, angrier, and ready to massacre more people. The approach of making concessions for the sake of “peace” was already tried. It led to what we are seeing today. How is it an intelligent idea to keep doing something that has already brought terrible results? Are we to spend the rest of our lives wondering if Russia is going to feel provoked into a chemical, biological or nuclear strike? Are we to go through the next set of massacres, and the next, and the next every few years?

It is simply not rational to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

Bucha Massacre

I’m seeing that the Bucha massacre has made it on the Western news. Obviously, they are reporting the more palatable parts of what happened. The actual reality is worse.

It’s interesting that it’s being reported. This is the first time in forever that somebody in the West managed to notice. Not that anybody is going to do anything about it, of course, but at least they are finally not denying it. Ten, fifteen more Russian massacres, and maybe somebody will be assed to ask, “hey, how much longer should the whole world be hostage to Russian dysfunction?”

COVID and Trans

The aggressive pushing of “COVID vaccines,” puberty blockers and trans surgeries by the Biden administration has the same purpose. The aim is to normalize the idea that a human body is not OK in an unmessed-with state.

This isn’t about specifically COVID or trans. The plan is much more ambitious. It is to implant in our heads the belief that a healthy human body doesn’t exist. That in its natural state the human body is deadly and, hence, should be aggressively modified since conception.

It’s a lot easier to control people’s minds and actions once you’ve turned them into permanent invalids, dependent completely on the medical “care” you dole out.