Protected Saint

I take my baptismal name after the saint who’s commemorated with this statue in Kiev:

I’m glad she’s protected.

Wordle Wisdom

The mistake people make in Wordle is that when they have a word that differs from a bunch of others in a single letter, they waste their 5 guesses on going through all of these possible words.

For instance, you have _ aste. It’s a mistake to go “waste, haste, paste, baste, etc ” because you’ll run out of guesses soon enough. If the “aste” part has already been guessed, what’s the point of repeating it? Instead, use a word that has all or most of the possible letters (e.g. whoop). The second and the third guesses should never contain any of the letters you already guessed. If you already know them, what’s the point of repeating them?

Dale Carnegie 2.0

My kid has exceptional sociability skills that she did not learn from anybody in this family. For instance, when she wants to share something that happened at school, she leads with, “Mommy, what was your favorite thing you did at work today?”

And after I answer, she says, “thank you for telling me! Would you like to hear my favorite thing I did at school today?”