Powerful Stamp

Curiously, the Russian warship Moskva sank the day after President Zelensky publicly introduced a new postage stamp that addresses this very warship with the now famous phrase, “Russian military warship, go ef yourself ”

I’d ask somebody, “hey, did you hear about the Russian military warship?” and they’d think I was referring to the release of the postage stamp.

I hope more postage stamps get released in Ukraine.

Bridging the Political Divide

The two extremes of the political spectrum in the US have finally found a subject where they are in complete agreement. Here is my new very short video explaining how this happened:

When people here about the far-left person I talk about in the video, they immediately assume it’s an unemployed, overgrown lay-about living in his mom’s basement. When they hear about the far-right person, they think it’s a toothless, uneducated peasant.

But reality is different. Both these people are of the kind who tell you, “I remembered yesterday this really great strudel I ate in a little coffee-shop in Germany. So I booked a flight to Munich to go have some as soon as possible.” These are very educated, very successful, well-traveled, multilingual people with extraordinarily refined tastes in art, food, clothing, etc.