Diversely Offended

The diversity office organized a graduation ceremony for Hispanic students. The background music was Central American rap filled with offensive allusions to women, gays, and Americans and positive allusions to drug trade. Then the families of Hispanic students – mostly working class – were treated to a lecture on gender-fluid and gender-non-conforming identities which made everybody long for a return of offensive rap lyrics.

The organizer of the event was a diversity clerk. White. She snubbed the two chief administrators who are black in a pretty blatant way.

This way, in one concerted effort, the diversity office insulted racial, gender, sexuality, and class sensibilities.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m grumpy because I was giving the keynote and was hoping to impress the new chief administrator with it. But the administrator was so mistreated, he left. It’s such a great keynote, and I need as many positive notices for my department as I can get.


8 thoughts on “Diversely Offended

  1. Why, oh WHY, when kowtowing to those from different backgrounds or of other demographics, do they always seem to have to engage in the most insufferable kinds of ingratiating gestures?
    …focusing on some of the worst aspects of said given subculture/subset, even if the most popular of such at the time.

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  2. This is why I don’t like to be around most liberal white people, at least conservatives who hate Hispanics are honest. This is seriously pandering crap, I know for sure most working class Hispanic immigrants are deeply offended by tasteless rap lyrics and anything to do with gender fluidity and transgenderism along with anything LGBT, this diversity person is an idiot who is secretly racist against Hispanics.

    In my own experience, as a Cuban American who enjoys rock music, ice hockey, fantasy fiction and is a lifelong Anglophile, many liberal white people seem shocked that I like the above things. They seem surprised that I hate salsa and most Latin American pop, that I speak Spanish with a strong New Jersey accent, that I’ve read Lord of the Rings countless times and love indie rock and European heavy metal music. Whereas conservative white people are more likely to say that they like this or that band or who their favorite LoTR character is, in other words, no shock or pandering. If my college had that sort of graduation ceremony for Hispanic people, my grandma would have fainted from horror and my uncles might beat up that diversity woman out of disgust


    1. “I hate salsa ”

      Seriously overrated as dance music…. Vallenato and (Colombian) Cumbia are far better… I know that’s not your point but I’ve never gotten Salsa… it’s….. okay in small doses…..


      1. Thanks for the reply, but what I meant is that I’m a Hispanic person who hates a lot of Latin American pop music and prefers rock. Liberals are shocked by this but conservatives will just ask if I heard of this band or like that band without shock. I’d be really mad and offended if at my graduation they played that crap, I hate it and it’s offensive


        1. I know what you mean. I’ve been asked a million times if I dance the hopak, which is a Ukrainian folk dance that has zero relevance to regular people’s lives in the 21st century. But people expect one to live up to cultural stereotypes. I’m Ukrainian, so I should love the hopak.


        2. ” I’m a Hispanic person who hates a lot of Latin American pop music”

          I understood that and sympahtize (Americans in Europe are often runn up against weird irrelevant stereotypes too… we only eat hamburgers and carry guns with us everywhere…).
          I just wanted to hate on salsa for a moment… and I thank you for that opportuntiy

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