Stolen Election

These incredible geniuses who today brought supplies to the same spot where they had been bombed into the ground 16 times previously, who send lone tanks to do recon, and who lost 9 generals in two months of war – are these the same people who supposedly stole the 2016 election in the US?

I’ve been saying this here for years. Putin is an uneducated, semiliterate cuck. A weakling. Everybody in Russia who had brains and a drive has been pushed out, destroyed or demoralized. Only miserable, aggressive, stupid idiots were promoted and allowed to make a living. They are barely capable of urinating without getting the piss all over themselves, let alone falsify American elections.

5 thoughts on “Stolen Election

  1. “miserable, aggressive, stupid idiots were promoted ”

    Some are suggesting that the transparently stupid display was subversion by the FSB which is more or less at covert war with Putin’s FSO….

    Or they could just really be stupid. It’s like the mafia… they take on all comers but 99% of those who want to be mafiosi are too stupid to be of any use…

    My favorite detail is the wig… just the thing to go undercover and carry out secret crimes in…


  2. No one claimed they falsified the 2016 election. They influenced the voters. And there was no need for them to be nuclear physicists to accomplish that – the other people involved aren’t.

    It seems like the GRU hackers were competent. They targeted emails of Clinton campaign’s officials and got access to Podesta’s emails. Podesta himself committed an act of remarkable stupidity when he clicked the link in the phishing email he received. There are reports that they have also managed to get access to some state-level RNC emails. We don’t know whether they tried that hard to hack RNC and whether there was anything embarrassing in the emails they did get.

    But that in itself may have been enough. One party’s hacked emails are released, with whatever mildly embarrassing stuff they contained spun by the media and conspiracy theorists (e.g. child trafficking in the basement of a pizza parlor). Nothing like that happens to the other party.

    You keep saying that Putin isn’t smart – and yes, I agree that he isn’t in the academic sense. But he was smart enough to manage to hold on to power in Russia for decades and steal enough money to become one of the richest men in the world. So what does it matter what his IQ is if he made the most of his circumstances?


    1. Nothing like that, eh? 🙂

      Nothing at all?

      How about the banning from social media platforms of the articles about the Hunter Biden laptop a few weeks before the 2020 election? Articles that have now been acknowledged to have been completely true.

      There seems to be a bit of a difference between revealing true information (such as Podesta emails) and concealing true information (Biden laptop).

      If we want to go back to the 2016 election, a lot happened to “the other party.” Remember the “Trump mocked a disabled journalist” canard? Or the “Mexicans are rapists” story? Or the best of all, the “Trump confessed to sexual assault on tape” story where the “and they let you” part was conveniently edited out of the narrative, time and again. I’ve got more if anybody needs it.

      And then the whole Steele dossier debacle. As has now been widely accepted by everybody, including Steele himself, it was a fake. A fake clearly created by the Russians and as stupid as everything they come up with. Remember the pissing prostitutes at a Russian hotel? All a fabrication but God, remember how much distraction and upheaval that all caused?

      So yes, nothing like this happens to the other party. The other party messes up and rarely the mess-up is revealed. But lies spread aggressively by everyajor news platform – that only happens to one party. And its name doesn’t start with a D.


      1. The events you’ve described didn’t require great intelligence to put in motion either. You don’t need to be brilliant and proficient to influence election results, you just need to be competent enough.


      2. P.S. My wording was unfortunate. When I said “nothing like that” I meant specifically the release of hacked emails. No real or fake emails from the RNC have been released. That’s all.


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