U-Haul Is Your State

There’s this oft-repeated liberal argument that perfectly encapsulates the tension between the nation-state and the post-nation state. The argument is that it’s unfair for small rural states to have the same number of senators as states with gigantic multimillion cities.

The US Constitution was written for a nation-state. Solid stage of capitalism. Land is important.

The post-nation state operates with a different logic. Land is meaningless. People are a commodity. It’s the fluid stage of capitalism. Whoever drags more people somewhere else wins. Don’t like the lack of opportunities? Move! Learn to code! There is no state to watch out for you. U-Haul is your state. The state exists to serve the interests of the fluid capital. If you need to be punished to benefit Pfizer, you will be punished.

Of course, the people who are more easily transportable will be more likely to adopt the narratives that are post-national in nature. Those who haven’t managed to make themselves conveniently transportable should be denied representation.

I just finished my big talk on why support for democracy is dying worldwide, and this was a small part of what I said.

9 thoughts on “U-Haul Is Your State

  1. // my big talk on why support for democracy is dying worldwide

    Has it ever been online like the talk on Ukraine? It would have been great to listen to.

    The subject sounds fascinating, and after the death of Bauman do not know where to look except your blog.


  2. The senate argument is the reason the House of Representatives counts seats essentially by population. That was the whole point — that in one way every state would be represented equally and in another way it would be by population. Did some Americans just not get that history lesson?

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    1. “every state would be represented equally”

      IIRC one explanation I’ve seen for the different numbers is that the members of the house represent their voters and the members of the senate represent their states to the federal government.

      Similarly the idea of the electoral college is that individual citizens don’t select their president but rather states do. So citizens vote in order to influence how their state votes.

      Day to day practice has gotten very far away from the original intent (in which the federal government didn’t have very much presence). The argument can be made that it’s a good thing the current system doesn’t much resemble the system set out in the constitution but it would be nice if people could at least recognize that.


  3. “Land is important”
    Land is liberty – the right of an individual to own real property is the foundation of liberty.
    Individual liberty is an individual responsibility.
    Individual resilience begins with ownership of the resources necessary to sustain individual liberty.
    Landowners are a threat to those who would rule.

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  4. The whole point of the Senate is to counter the popular vote. So states with larger populations have more members in the House of Representatives, while all states have two senators. If we turn the Senate into another version of the House, then we become a tyranny, as the populations of a few states would rule the entire country.

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