Let’s Talk about Language and Literature: New Video

Today I attended an event with the noted Ukrainian writer Volodymyr Rafeyenko, and it was amazing. Rafeyenko’s most famous novel has recently been translated into English, so it doesn’t have to be a situation where everybody asks me if they can read it in English and I have to say no.

I’m very excited about this new video because 1) I’m wearing a new outfit and 2) I’m talking about the topic that animates me like no other, and that is literature. The video is about the concept of ‘a sacred crime’ that lies at the core of the Russian culture and manifests itself in the horrors we are seeing Russians perpetrate in Ukraine today. It’s also about switching to a different language in adulthood and what the word ‘mondegreen’ means.

Please share your mondegreens in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk about Language and Literature: New Video

  1. a couple mondegreens in my experience…

    first the original and then the mondegreen

    “Indiana wants me” >>>> “When the animals speak”

    “Please Mr. Please, don’t play 3-17” >>>> “Please Mr. Please, don’t take me at 17”


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