I am now vaccinated with J&J. My sister asked me how I feel, and I said, “I feel like a citizen.” And it’s not a heartening thought that one should undergo unwanted medical procedures to feel like a citizen.

On the positive side, in my search of a pharmacy that still has J&J, I had to drive into our rural areas and chanced upon a delightful little diner. Excellent food and a soccer game on the TV screen. Why soccer in rural Illinois? Nobody knows. But the roast beef sandwich was the best I’ve ever had.

6 thoughts on “Citizenship

  1. I’m glad you found the J&J! I hope you have the same luck with side effects I did (not a single one for me)


    1. What I wish for is more free data in my plan because I devour it all with my newscasts from Ukraine. But more data is Moderna, not J&J. 🙂


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