Good Corruption

Ukrainians will be Ukrainians. There are many report of people in Ukraine trying to bribe their way into the army. They get rejected on the basis of age or health, and they try the usual method of getting one over on the authorities.

2 thoughts on “Good Corruption

  1. Regarding Russia-China relationship, the Russian opposition journalist, publicist Andrey Piontkovsky, expresses what seems very likely imo:

    // A protracted military conflict in Ukraine is beneficial to both the United States and China

    The United States is interested in the maximum weakening of Russia, and therefore a protracted military conflict will destroy the economic and military potential of the Russian Federation and the ability to influence world politics by force.

    “What will the States do with Russia after the end of the military conflict? But they will not do anything. They will practically give it to China,”

    “Let China be responsible for these vast territories and do whatever they want there” … They don’t talk about it openly yet, but there are important publications. For example, Farid Zakaria had a long article in the Washington Post… They will turn a blind eye to the fact that China will direct its annexation not to Taiwan, but to return to the Chinese harbor the lands it lost in Siberia in the 19th century. And the imperial ambitions of China will be satisfied by managing in Eastern Siberia,” Piontkovsky said, noting that nothing else could happen to Russia.

    “Russia is now completely dependent on China. Already in all technologies, in all deliveries, even food. Did they consider themselves Eurasians in Moscow? Well, let them be real Asians now,” the publicist summed up.

    The original in Russian:


    1. Why, why would the US be interested “in the maximum weakening of Russia”? For what purpose? Destroying a large market for neoliberal capital – because that’s Russia’s only real role in the world – why is that useful? Russia has no economic potential other than buying Western goods. Destroying the market is not profitable.

      Russians, even the good ones like Piontkovsky, have a very inflated sense of their own importance. The US doesn’t see them as a competitor. The US has fed, clothed, babied and propped them up for 30 years. Not out of any particular goodness but as a potential market.

      As for China, I have been saying for years that there is no separate China. China and Russia are one for all intents and purposes. I can’t imagine China leading in that tandem for obvious reasons.


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