For Libertarians

Libertarians will like this.

Ukraine has very little centralization. Decisions are mostly made locally, not even regionally. So when Russia’s full-scale invasion began, everybody started fighting and figuring things out on their own. Local authorities simply armed the citizens, no questions asked. Nobody waited for the government to organize anything or to give orders.

Ukrainians weren’t micromanaged. Everybody did what they considered right. This gave the Ukrainian forces such maneuverability and adaptability that the Russian army, which tolerates no initiative at all, couldn’t compete.

Freedom of speech, freedom to bear arms, and freedom to decide for yourself are winning the war in Ukraine.

5 thoughts on “For Libertarians

    1. I just heard an amazing speech by the spokesman of the Ukrainian president about the need for the West to leave behind wokeness, gender lunacy, and political correctness. So beautiful. It’s in Russian so no link.

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      1. It’s nice to hear other countries are moving forward without the wokeness part; that ideology really is a complete dead end in every shape and form.

        I feel like this war with Russia is Ukraine’s real war of independence and I see shades of similarity with America’s war of independence as well; at least it its libertarian leanings.

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        1. Excellent article, thank you! Now the question is, who is going to stop this madness. Who will have the balls to turn back the tide of repressive, medieval lunacy and defend human freedom and rationality?


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