Ukrainian writer Stanislav Aseyev was arrested in the occupied Donetsk and held in a concentration camp where he was brutally tortured for two years. The crime for which he was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in jail was extremism.

What was Aseyev’s extremist activity?

Quotation marks.

He put quotation marks in the wrong place. In an article he wrote, Aseyev put quotation marks around the word “DNR” (Donetsk People’s Republic, the unrecognized pseudo-state created during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2014). Even though he was in hiding, the authorities located and jailed him.

Unfortunately, this story doesn’t land as strongly today as it would back in 2014. Calling people extremists for punctuation marks pronouns and persecuting them is no longer alien to our reality.

8 thoughts on “Extremism

  1. However, on THIS post—-it seems any display of autonomy on the part of any individual, group, or culture gets either slammed, thwarted, or decimated in some way, and the participant either taunted, slandered, or even downright persecuted.
    Among the reasons Russia attacked Ukraine is on account of their “having the audacity to” develop into a sovereign nation in their own right.

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  2. This story is too good to miss:

    В оккупированном селе Киселёвка Херсонской области этой ночью произошёл бой, в котором участвовало до 50 человек с обеих сторон. Сторонами были российские солдаты из Бурятии и кадыровцы.
    Буряты были недовольны тем, что чеченцы вообще не ходят в бой, а служат заградотрядом – то есть стреляют в тех, кто отступает. При этом львиную долю награбленного чеченцы забирают себе.
    Кстати, командир этих жандармов, Делимханов, на днях получил Героя России – видимо, за меткую стрельбу по своим.

    Post of

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    1. Short version for non-Russian speakers: diversity isn’t our strength.

      Longer version: Russian military command is causing ethnic strife among Russian soldiers by assigning the Chechen troops the task of shooting in the back the Buryat troops that try to withdraw during battle. Both Chechens and Buryats are Russian not in the ethnic sense but in the Putin sense. They are citizens of the Russian Federation.

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        1. Kadyrov should be the next president of Russia after Putin croaks. Introduce sharia across the entire territory of the Russian Federation. What’s not to like?


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