Dedicated to Losing

The November midterms are the Republicans’ to lose. You really have got to try your darnedest to lose to an administration that has achieved record inflation, sky-high crime rates, a string of international humiliations, and nothing positive at all.

But never fear. Republicans will do all they can to screw up this golden opportunity to sail to a win. They have now decided to antagonize a large part of the electorate by opposing Biden’s fictitious student loan forgiveness. Nothing has been done. No loans have been forgiven but yes, absolutely, let’s help Biden create an impression that he’s doing something for the people by taking a symbolic stand against his symbolic action. We could instead concentrate on his cozy relationship with corporate oligarchy and on how much that oligarchy prefers the Democrats. But forget it. It’s so much more fun to tear into some poor schmuck with a bunch of college loans. He’s the real enemy!

Closer to the election, it’s crucial to start another useless abortion kerfuffle. Who needs to win elections when you can declare your righteousness instead?

Once again, feel-good wins and effectiveness loses. A momentary jolt of pleasure is preferred to actual results. Happy pill defeats a cure.


4 thoughts on “Dedicated to Losing

  1. // a string of international humiliations

    I got the opposite impression of Biden finally playing the role of the leader of the free world and signing the lend-lease bill to help Ukraine.

    I know you support Trump now, but can you honestly say USA couldn’t have done more to prevent Putin from thinking he could do those crimes with no consequences?


    1. Of course, the entire West is to blame for playing this ridiculous game since 1989.

      But if anybody stood out as world leaders here it’s Johnson and Andrzej Duda. And Zelensky, of course. Biden is playing catch up.


  2. The best way to fight disease is to prevent it; the best way to fight minor dictators is by strong deterrence. This ‘D’ word is constantly stressed in my country.

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  3. Even from afar, I totally agree with you. Consevatives’ talk of sweeping results in the November midterms is both complacent and irresponsible.

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